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GUDAURI-PARAGLADING The trip is on the Georgian Older Military Highway. We will see the unique beauty of Jinvali Reservoir Foto Stop. After that, we will visit the ancient fortress Ananuri Stop 45 mn. We continue our way to Gudauri On the way 2 STOPS (Blac and With ARAGVI) & (Mineral Wathers) . Gudauri the famous ski resort located on the slopes of the Great Caucasus Range. From the Arch of Friendship, you will see amazing views of mountain peaks . Paragliding is the most simple, direct and beautiful way to fly. We play with gravity, nature and its elements with almost unbelievably simplicity. Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport. (If you're not into the idea of pursuing the sport, they're still an awesome bucket-list item - similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight, and you can be in control!) Beginner and intermediate pilots also find an occasional tandem flight super-useful to brush up on skills, maneuvers and thermalling techniques. Paragliding is popular mostly in countries with mountain terrain. In this regard Georgia has a huge potential offering beautiful mountain landscapes. Filled with high cliffs, hot sun, and icy peaks, the opportunities to catch a thermal in Georgia is overwhelming. And probably it is the cheapest you can find in the world. TOUR INCLUDE * Comfortable Bus * Tour Guide * Botle water * Lunch STOP * Parglading In Gudauri * WF TOUR START 09:00 AM TOUR FINISH 21:00 PM TOUR CATEGORY GROUP TOUR AACTIVE TOUR NUMBER KZ0921GER PRICE: 1 PERSON 135.00 e 5+ PERSON - 10 % ( Check Your Corporate or B2B Price with the Sales manager. )

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  • Tbilisi, Georgia

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